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Why should I invest in Cambodia?

Despite export-oriented economy, Cambodia heavily relies on foreign direct investment to generate employment and obtain more revenues to the country. To ease investment flows, the Royal Government of Cambodia has set out various commercial rules and strategies to attract more foreign investors. These are some benefits and opportunities that Cambodia is able to offer:

  • Investor-focused policy which is a strategic investment initiative enacted by the Council for the Development of Cambodia (CDC) to facilitate foreign investment flows into the country. The CDC is capable of offering investment and tax benefits such as a tax exemption for up to nine years and import duty-free if the company is subjected to Qualified Investment Project (QIP).

  • In addition to other investment incentives, the CDC also created the Special Economic Zone which focuses on export-oriented manufacturing investment (mainly foreign). The primary role of special economic zone is to acts a one-stop center as it is able to facilitate cost regulations, administrative works, logistics and infrastructure when setting up a production in Cambodia.

  • Cambodia allows 100% of foreign ownership in business. As a free market economy, there is no restriction in trade, price control and foreign exchange. The major currency circulation in the country is in USD as it accounts for 85%.

  • As Cambodia is subjected to least developed countries, duty-free access to the European market is given to Cambodian commodities, except armament.


Choose a business structure

In order to set up a company in Cambodia, you will have to choose a type of corporate structure you wish to incorporate. This rule is implemented by the Ministry of Commerce.

  • A sole proprietorship

  • Partnership

  • general partnership

  • Limited partnership

  • Limited Liability Company

  • Private Limited Company

  • Single Member Private Limited Company

  • Public Limited Company


Business Registration Platform

After deciding what form of business structure you will register, there is an online business registration platform that is authorized by the Ministry of Commerce for you to fill in the application process. You have 15 days to complete all the requirements once you've started the application, otherwise, it will be removed from the system. On approval of the application, the company will be incorporated immediately and a certificate of incorporation issued. After you have successfully incorporated in Cambodia, further engagement with the other ministries are as follow:

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