Regional Networks

The Chamber engages actively with British Chambers and Business Groups in Southeast Asia in order to provide our members with a channel to reach into markets in the region. 

The Britain in Southeast Asia (BiSEA) network aims to facilitate the interests of the members of the British Chambers and Business Groups in the region. As a registered member of any of the 9 Chambers/Business Groups in BiSEA, you have an opportunity to access membership benefits in each of the organisations. This means that whenever you travel to any of there countries and wish to take part in a event organised by the local BiSEA Chambers/Business Groups, you may do so at their preferential membership rate. 

Thanks to its geographical spread across Southeast Asia, BiSEA provides a strong business network in the region, giving members who are already established or who intend to establish themselves in the region, direct access to local representatives, services, information and guidance. 8 of the 9 Chambers/Business Groups in BiSEA further form part of the 'Overseas Business Network' initiative (OBNi), permitting UK companies doing and seeking to do business in the region, access to similar and high quality offer of business advice and assistance. 

Get in touch with us to find out more about the benefits you can enjoy and how to access business services in other Chambers/Business Groups in BiSEA.

BiSEA Booklet 2015
Providing useful market information & business case studies of UK companies successfully exporting to Southeast Asia.
British Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia
BritCham’s mission is to to actively promote, encourage and assist the continuation and growth of trade and investment relations between Indonesia and Britain. It does this by representing the interests, in Indonesia, of British business, particularly to Government and other key decision makers; keeping the membership informed of economic and political developments; assisting UK and Indonesian companies, especially SME’s, with market entry; and promoting the contribution being made by British business activities to the development of Indonesia.
Britain Brunei Business Forum
The Britain Brunei Business Forum was founded under the patronage of the British High Commission in Brunei to enable British and Bruneian business people to meet together in order to further trade. B.B.B.F assists Bruneian business people in finding British partners for enhancing both parties business performance and circulates information about opportunities for business with Britain through the Bruneian business community. The forum provides a diverse and inclusive network to build opportunities for British, international and local organisations in Brunei with ties to British business.
BritCham Singapore
Founded in 1954 as the United Kingdom Manufacturers Representatives Association, becoming the British Business Association in 1974 and known as the British Chamber of Commerce since 1998, the Chamber has a long and proud history. Since the beginning, we have been funded entirely by membership subscriptions and income from our activities. The Chamber’s role has evolved and adapted as the needs of the business, economic and political environments in Singapore have changed.
British Business Group Vietnam
Founded in 1991, the British Business Group Vietnam (“BBGV”) has more than 450 members. BBGV’s main objective is to promote our members’ business interests in Vietnam, through various business and social events. Our BBGV Business Centre aims to facilitate better trade ties between British and Vietnamese companies via our trade services.
British Chamber of Commerce Philippines
The British Chamber of Commerce Philippines (BCCP) is an independent, non-profit membership organization whose primary objective is to support the development of its members’ business and social interests in the British and Philippine communities, helping them achieve their objectives. Founded in 1997 as the British Business Association, we became a British Chamber of Commerce in 2001. Today, we represent over 230 member companies and individuals with a membership network of over 525 entrepreneurs and senior executives of multinational corporations and SMEs.
British Malaysion Chamber of Commerce
Since 1963, British Malaysian Chamber of Commerce (BMCC) has been a catalyst in providing Malaysian businesses with networking, knowledge exchange, bilateral trading assistance and support. With 360 top member companies with and an outreach of over 190,000 employees, the experience and expertise at BMCC is incomparable at promoting and fostering trade between Britain and Malaysia.
The British Chamber of Commerce Myanmar
The British Chamber of Commerce Myanmar is an independent, non-profit membership organisation which promotes, supports and represents business interests in Myanmar. The organisation launched in July 2014 with the support of high profile British businesses. The Chamber has since grown to a network of 150 member companies, and has become a leading business membership organisation in Myanmar. The Chamber provides regular networking opportunities for the business community, up to date and relevant information on doing business in Myanmar and a platform for members to engage with Government on issues affecting business.
The British Chamber of Commerce Thailand
Founded in 1946, the British Chamber of Commerce Thailand (BCCT) is the oldest foreign chamber and the largest non-Asian foreign chamber in Thailand. In addition, it is the largest and oldest British Chamber in Asia. At its inception there were 17 founding British members and three associate members. In 2011, the BCCT has a membership of approximately 600 including 550 companies with nearly 2,700 named representatives covering a broad cross-section of business interests in Thailand. Membership is open to companies of all nationalities and sizes.