Complaints Procedure

How to lodge an official complaint:

  1. Initial complaint is made through the Chamber Website via the ‘Contact Us’ page; addressed via email to the Executive Director or a member of the Executive Committee; addressed verbally to the Executive Director or a member of the Executive Committee.
  2. The complaint is lodged with the Chairman and Vice-Chairman, as well as relevant sub-committee, where appropriate.
  3. The complainant is informed that the compliant has been lodged and that an official response will be given within five (5) working days.
  4. The Executive Director and where appropriate, relevant sub-committee, will process the complaint and will keep the Chairman and Vice-Chairman informed on the processed resolution, seeking guidance, if necessary, before the resolution is sent to the complainant.
  5. A response is sent to the complainant with the resolution.
  6. If the resolution is not accepted by the complainant, the Executive Director will investigate the matter further and escalated (if deemed appropriate) to the Executive Committee where recommendations are made for an alternate resolution.

Kindly note that the Chamber's complaints management policy is consistently reviewed and up-dated as an when necessary.